Your athletes emergency contact info at their coach’s fingertips.

What is emCard?

Through a smart phone app, emCard is a service that puts emergency contact information in the hands of responsible/supervising staff.

By registering on the app's website, parents can update emergency contact information, give consent or alternative instructions for care. If an emergency happens, responsible/supervising staff will be able to access the app in a moment's notice, help give the best care necessary and communicate with preferred emergency contact person.


For Coaches

• Emergency Contact Information for your entire roster when you need it.

For Athletic Directors

• Manage Eligibility with a click of a button

• Collect parent consent online for any document your school is already using

• Configure emCard to work with your campus, your coaches and your sports

For Parents

• Fill out one final emergency contact form for your child's coaches

• Know that if something happens, your child's coach has the most up to date information possible.

How it was born

emCard's founder (& our head coach) survived every coach's worst nightmare... He was coaching his water polo team at a tournament north of Sacramento California. A fight broke out between one of his players and one on the opposing team. His player ended up in the emergency room with a dislocated shoulder. Sitting there in the waiting room he realized that the school emergency cards were attached to his clipboard that he had forgotten at home that day. Thankfully because it was only a dislocated shoulder the boy was able to call his parents himself on the way to the emergency room. But what if...

And that is how emCard was born. By Coaches... For Coaches

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